Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ooh, ooh, an Ooga giveaway!

Ok, so I'm already thinking about Christmas presents. Why? Because it takes FOREVER for my family to get back to me with what they would like. So I have to start asking them months & months in advance. I plan to buy most of the presents off of Etsy.

Here's what I want from you: become a Follower on this blog AND leave a comment in this post (just so I know to pick from up-to-date Followers). What do I want you to leave as a comment? An Etsy shop that you have ordered from & love. I don't care what they sell- I just love discovering new shops & finding something that I can possibly order for someone (husband, child, sister, etc...).

What you'll get from me: an Ooga Booga pocket diaper in your choice of color & size (plus an insert). I have 2 different Ooga prints/colors (see above picture).
I'll give you till Midnight on September 4th to leave a comment (only 1 please) & I'll pick the winner on September 5th. :)
Soooooo... Become a Follower & leave an awesome Etsy shop in the comments!


  1. This shop has the cutest, most unique gift ideas. We got our ring box from there and it was beautiful.

  2. I am addicted to etsy! A recent fave I have ordered from is Almost Sunday:

    I ordered a print with my son's birthdate and birth stats and framed it for his room. I just ordered another print as an engagement gift for a friend.

    You are also one of my favorites now! I love the new stuff you've posted and the Ooga Booga print is super cute. My son just fit into your size M diaper for the first time today (he's 3 months this week) and, believe me, it got the royal treatment. hahaha.

  3. I love etsy!
    Here are a couple of my favorite shops:

    I couldn't post just one!

  4. I like:
    for very pretty playfood.

    for very beautiful soaps.

    And I like your shop ;)

  5. Love buying from this shop! (super fast shipping!)

    And... my shop of course!

  6. hi! I really liked the selection that Funtastic Felts ( had for car seat strap covers. I havent bought much on etsy and I have sold one thing. My store is inactive time!

  7. HI! I love...

    I am completely addicted to her sweet creations!

  8. The best shop on etsy is! Sorry but it is the only shop I have ever ordered from! I love the diapers and the new wetbags too! Just waiting til Chris will let me order more! LOL

    P.S. The giveaway is on my birthday!

  9. hi, hope it's ok to contact you here. we would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: giveaway scout ( have a look and if interested, use our onli

  10. Hi I'm new to cloth diapering and am totally addicted. I thought your shop said you were located in metro Detroit, so I'd love to support a local mama.
    I am a novice to etsy too but love making felt food for my two year old chef. The patterns at buggabugs are amazing! Check out:

  11. Hi,
    I have never used a cloth diaper - then again I have never used any dipaer yet :) baby coming very soon. But would love to try a natural, planet favouring option such as cloth dipaers :)

    My shop recommendation is this gorgeous children print shop (also suitable for the children and heart :)):