Monday, May 31, 2010

Roman's new diaper

Made this really quick last night (which explains the sewing- oy!). I really need to buy black Aplix & suede cloth (and thread!).

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Did some sewing last night!

Baby steps, right? ;) Hubby held Max so I could squeeze a bit of sewing in. I've been super anxious to start sewing again, just haven't been able to. And I had been REALLY wanting to cut up 1 of the new prints I had got from the last DIY! It's ridiculously cute! It's flowers, so it's girly. However, I am in LOVE w/ it & told my husband that I wanted to make a diaper out of it for Roman. He was like "Why not? He has a mermaid one.". To which I replied that mermaids are totally unisex- I mean, sailors liked them! :P
Anyway, I'm hoping to finish a few of the diapers tonight. Hopefully!
The next DIY has also been completed, too (I think it's still @ the laminator, though). Our co-op leader said it should be to her probably @ the end of next week but that it was a HUGE order so it's going to take her ages to cut up. So I'm not expecting it for a really long time.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Max. 4-24-2010

It was seriously the birth from hell & I'm still traumatized. I did get my VBAC, though. However, it took 2 1/2 hours of pushing, vacuum assistance & an episiotomy to get Max out. Oy! He was 7lbs, 15oz. & 20in. long.

Big Brother Roman & Max
This is what he looks like during the day. His eyes are generally much more open @ night. :/
Now if he'd only let me put him down for a second today!

Shop open!

Unfortunately, I haven't really been able to sew- still trying to figure out how to balance my time!
Oh & did I mention that Mr. Max doesn't sleep @ night? Yeah, so nap times are also Mommy nap times. Hopefully, I can turn nap times back into sewing time for me eventually.