Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Imperfect wet bag giveaway

Argh! I made a wet bag this evening that was super cute & I was excited about it... only to realize that the outer cotton fabric was imperfect. You know how sometimes the end of fabric has little holes that look like punches all along the edge? Yeah... So I can't sell it, but obviously it's still functional since the PUL (the waterproof inner) is fully intact.
So anyway, become an official Follower of this blog & I'll randomly pick someone this coming Saturday.
And keep an eye out for another giveaway later this month (same thing, but w/ a wet bag that is free of little hole punches!).


  1. I totally know what you mean. And if I were talented enough to know how to sew, I know I would make that kind of mistake pretty often, too! :) Is this where I enter to win this imperfect wet bag? (I am following your blog.)

  2. As long as your name shows up as a Follower, that's all that's needed. :)