Monday, July 27, 2009

How I wash diapers

Please note: This is how I wash diapers. Everyone is different & it takes some playing around with to figure out what works best for your diapers.

First off, all dirty diapers are thrown into a plain diaper pail w/ a washable liner in it. The poopy diapers are cleaned off in the toilet (I just use toilet paper if I'm unable to just plop the poop into the toilet, but I've heard of people using a plastic knife or other device to scrape with). Inserts are removed from the diaper for more thorough cleaning. Once the pail is full, I toss diapers, cloth wipes & pail liner into the washing machine. I spray about 5 squirts of Bac Out on everything & then do a cold rinse. Once the rinse is done, I switch to a hot wash & throw some Crunchy Clean diaper detergent in the machine. I absolutely LOVE Crunch Clean! This is definitely my favorite diaper detergent. You can find it on I use the Unscented kind. I also do an extra rinse afterward. Sometimes, if I want to make the diapers extra, extra clean diapers, I toss in some RLR Laundry Cleaner. This stuff is a miracle worker when it comes to stinky or repelling diapers. There have been many times where I was so discouraged w/ my diapers due to them leaking. Not a good thing! I finally learned about RLR & ordered some online (I couldn't find any sold in stores near me. I searched everywhere!). This stuff is amazing!
Once done w/ washing, I throw everything in the dryer. I dry on the Medium setting. When the dryer sensor says everything's dry, I turn it to timed drying because, inevitably, the inserts are still damp. I generally do 10 or 20 minutes on high heat. From everything I've read, you're not supposed to dry on high for the whole thing because the heat damages the PUL. This is why I only do it for a short period.
When that's all done, I stuff the diapers & stack them under the changing table. All done!

***I should say that we have a Whirlpool toploader washing machine. It's not HE. We have a beautiful, 2 year old GE frontloader that's currently taking up space in our garage. That thing was my pride & joy. I loved it- mainly because it was gorgeous. Unfortunately, the rubber ring that sealed the door shredded & the main control panel died. It would've cost $450 to have it fixed so we opted to buy a used machine on Craigslist. Let me tell you, I will NEVER buy another frontloader again! Plus, from everything I've read (and now experienced), HE washers is NOT the way to go when washing cloth diapers. Since there is less water, you need to wash them several cycles some times & that's a pain. Not to mention, definitely NOT saving any water! It used to take over an hour just to wash 1 cycle of diapers w/ my old washer. It now takes probably a 1/2 hour! I love it!

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