Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eeeeeeee!!! :)

I was just going through everything I've ordered through the co-op this year & I'm super excited! Now if it would all get here! It's such a slooooooow process going through a co-op, but you get such neat things. I just paid for shipping on the April/May DIY, so I hope I get that semi-soon. I believe it includes some Oogas prints & vintage cars (the co-op leader sent out several DIYs close together so I'm not sure what went with what). I can't wait! I also just paid for some Harvest Orange PUL but that takes several months to get since it is a custom color. Just ordered another custom color today- Deep Ocean. Got a bunch so I can make diaper pail liners with it. Probably won't get that till next year, though.

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