Monday, January 4, 2010

Whoo! DIY* fabric should be here soonish!

Just sent in my payment for shipping! As far as I know, it's all cut & ready to go, so I'm hoping I get it sometime next week or so. It probably won't be anything exciting right now- it's holiday stuff (I believe it's patriotic fabrics for 4th of July, Halloween prints & one for Thanksgiving). I need to get to JoAnn's to pick up some Christmas fabric before it's all gone, plus they already have Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day & Easter fabric out- then I'll be done!
I've also ordered 2 (?) fabrics online that will be going into the Winter DIY that the co-op I belong to is doing.

*- DIY fabric is fabric sent in to Fabrite to be laminated w/ the PUL material. It ends up being thicker/stiffer than the solid PUL because it is the fabric+ PUL.

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